Vantastic Studios™

Creating and producing original content, Vantastic Studios™ is a complete mobile studio neatly packed inside a luxury GMC Savana van.


  • 5 robotic p/t/z Sony cameras that shoot full HD video
  • All cameras wired with a video stabilizer system.
  • Each camera is mounted on the four corners of the van.
  • The 5th camera rises from the back on a mast that reaches 18' above ground level.
  • Two custom-made tripods and wires to allow two of the cameras to be brought as far as 200' from the van if needed.


Black leather pilot seats that can do 360 degree rotation and are removable.

Inside is a full studio rack complete with:

  • 2 Channel wireless audio
  • 12 Channel mixer
  • 2 wired XLRs for mounting shotgun mics on the outside of the van
  • IFB transmitter with 2 receivers for communicating to talent from the van.
  • Amp and speaker system for communicating out of the loud speaker and monitoring all audio activity.

Broadcast pix granite video switcher

  • Complete with video switching capabilities to cut and dissolve between different cameras
  • Contains various effects to put into a show including on the fly title creating, motion graphics, and pre-loaded video clips.


  • 2 viewsonic computer monitors for the broadcast pix
  • 1 JVC video monitor for monitoring the currently selected camera (the hot camera) at the highest resolution (2650 x 1440)


A line cut of the synched video and audio stereo mix is recorded onto an Aja Ki-pro recorder with two 250 GB hard drives, which each hold around 4 hours of footage. Simplified shooting at its finest with one master operator, one take and little or no editing.

Vantastic Studios™ ...the ultimate tool for filming on the fly

Marlo Gottfurcht, CO-CEO Vantastic Studios

Marlo grew up in Los Angeles, attended Beverly Hills High School and graduated with a degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University. After stints as an Associate Editor at Live! Magazine and studying to be a pastry chef, she took a break from the professional world to raise a family.

Now a mom of two children, ages 13 and 10, Marlo is taking her creative skills as a writer (Love, Marriage...and Facebook) and developing and creating original content for Vantastic Studios.

Jason Newman , CO-CEO Vantastic Studios and Manager Untitled Entertainment

A Los Angeles native, Jason was raised in Beverly Hills, and graduated from Beverly Hills High School. He is a Senior Manager with Untitled Entertainment (15 years), one of Hollywood's most prestigious talent management companies, representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Jason brings a wealth of experience and entertainment industry relationships to Vantastic Studios.

Ross Kolton: Director of Production

As the Director of Production for Vantastic Studios, Ross Kolton operates the studio for all productions in addition to working on new ideas to make the studio run as efficient as possible. He resides in Echo Park.